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The Feet People

Footwear Selection

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Our footwear has been selected to keep your feet healthy and active every day. We carry the top brands of footwear in the industry such as Redwing, SAS, New Balance, Birkenstock, Halfinger, ECCO and many others. We have styles and brands for everyone from those with normal feet to those with special needs.


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Pedorthic Footcare Center

Custom Made Orthotics

ImageCustom foot orthoses can help relieve foot pain associated with a number of foot problems. The Feet People has three Certified Pedorthists trained to properly fit your footwear, to fabricate orthoses per your doctor's prescription, and to modify shoes to make them meet your needs. For those individuals needing custom shoes, we can make a cast of your feet and have them made. We also bill your insurance directly.


Shoe Repair Services

Shoe Repair Services

Retail Footcare Products

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We offer all kinds of shoe and foot care accessories to give your feet the comfort you are looking for like seamless socks, over-the-counter foot-aids, custom orthoses and over-the-counter arch supports. Shoe modifications and repair are also provided at a reasonable cost and in a timely manner. More

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