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Mobile Fitting

The Feet People now offers mobile services.  We are able to bring our footwear and fitting services to your location.



Nursing Homes/Assisted Living/Health Care Facility’s

We are able to service an individual or group of individuals with therapeutic footwear needs. By talking with the patient or caregiver, we are able to get an idea of the problems, then when we arrive we are able to access products, make recommendations and fit the people. We also bill insurance.




The Feet People works with businesses to provide employees with footwear needs. We offer a full line of boots and nonslip footwear. So if the employees in your a small restaurant or a manufacturing company need safety or nonslip footwear, The Feet People can outfit your staff right at your location.




If you are a person that can't get to The Feet People store during normal business hours or if you have difficulty getting to the store, we can help out. Just give us a call and we can try to accommodate your individual needs.